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isohybrid(1)									     isohybrid(1)

       isohybrid -- Post-process an ISO 9660 image generated with mkisofs or genisoimage to allow
       hybrid booting as a CD-ROM or as a hard disk.

       isohybrid [OPTIONS] <boot.iso>

       The isohybrid utility modifies a an ISO 9660 image generated with mkisofs, genisoimage, or
       compatible utilities, to be bootable as a CD-ROM or as a hard disk.

       -h <X>
	      Number of default geometry heads

       -s <X>
	      Number of default geometry sectors

       -e <X>, --entry <X>
	      Specify parititon entry number (1-4)

       -o <X>, --offset <X>
	      Specify partition offset (default 0)

       -t <X>, --type <X>
	      Specify MBR ID (default random)

       -u, --uefi
	      Build EFI bootable image

       -m, --mac
	      Add Apple File Protocol partition table support

	      Assume we are laoded as disk ID 0

	      Assume disk ID 0 if the Ctrl key is pressed

	      Allow booting from within a partition

       -?, --help
	      Display help

       -v, --verbose
	      Display verbose output

       -V, --version
	      Display version information


isohybrid				   17 Jan 2014				     isohybrid(1)
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