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SDL_SysWMEvent(3)			SDL API Reference			SDL_SysWMEvent(3)

       SDL_SysWMEvent - Platform-dependent window manager event.

       The  system  window  manager event contains a pointer to system-specific information about
       unknown window manager events. If you enable this event using SDL_EventState(), it will be
       generated  whenever  unhandled  events  are  received from the window manager. This can be
       used, for example, to implement cut-and-paste in your application.

       typedef struct {
		Uint8 type;   /* Always SDL_SysWM */
	} SDL_SysWMEvent;

	If you want to obtain system-specific information about the window manager, you can  fill
       the  version  member  of  a  SDL_SysWMinfo structure (details can be found in SDL_syswm.h,
       which must be included) using the SDL_VERSION() macro found in SDL_version.h, and pass  it
       to the function:

       int SDL_GetWMInfo(SDL_SysWMinfo *info);


SDL				      Tue 11 Sep 2001, 23:00			SDL_SysWMEvent(3)
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