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tapset::scsi(3stap) [centos man page]

tapset::scsi(3stap)													       tapset::scsi(3stap)

tapset::scsi - systemtap scsi tapset DESCRIPTION
This family of probe points is used to probe SCSI activities. scsi.ioentry Prepares a SCSI mid-layer request See probe::scsi.ioentry(3stap) for details. scsi.iodispatching SCSI mid-layer dispatched low-level SCSI command See probe::scsi.iodispatching(3stap) for details. scsi.iodone SCSI command completed by low level driver and enqueued into the done queue. See probe::scsi.iodone(3stap) for details. scsi.iocompleted SCSI mid-layer running the completion processing for block device I/O requests See probe::scsi.iocompleted(3stap) for details. scsi.ioexecute Create mid-layer SCSI request and wait for the result See probe::scsi.ioexecute(3stap) for details. scsi.set_state Order SCSI device state change See probe::scsi.set_state(3stap) for details. SEE ALSO
probe::scsi.ioentry(3stap), probe::scsi.iodispatching(3stap), probe::scsi.iodone(3stap), probe::scsi.iocompleted(3stap), probe::scsi.ioexecute(3stap), probe::scsi.set_state(3stap), stap(1), stapprobes(3stap) IBM
--- tapset::scsi(3stap)

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tapset::memory(3stap)													     tapset::memory(3stap)

tapset::memory - systemtap memory tapset DESCRIPTION
This family of probe points is used to probe memory-related events. vm_fault_contains Test return value for page fault reason See function::vm_fault_contains(3stap) for details. vm.pagefault Records that a page fault occurred See probe::vm.pagefault(3stap) for details. vm.pagefault.return Indicates what type of fault occurred See probe::vm.pagefault.return(3stap) for details. addr_to_node Returns which node a given address belongs to within a NUMA system See function::addr_to_node(3stap) for details. vm.write_shared Attempts at writing to a shared page See probe::vm.write_shared(3stap) for details. vm.write_shared_copy Page copy for shared page write See probe::vm.write_shared_copy(3stap) for details. vm.mmap Fires when an mmap is requested See probe::vm.mmap(3stap) for details. vm.munmap Fires when an munmap is requested See probe::vm.munmap(3stap) for details. vm.brk Fires when a brk is requested (i.e. the heap will be resized) See probe::vm.brk(3stap) for details. vm.oom_kill Fires when a thread is selected for termination by the OOM killer See probe::vm.oom_kill(3stap) for details. vm.kmalloc Fires when kmalloc is requested See probe::vm.kmalloc(3stap) for details. vm.kmem_cache_alloc Fires when kmem_cache_alloc is requested See probe::vm.kmem_cache_alloc(3stap) for details. vm.kmalloc_node Fires when kmalloc_node is requested See probe::vm.kmalloc_node(3stap) for details. vm.kmem_cache_alloc_node Fires when kmem_cache_alloc_node is requested See probe::vm.kmem_cache_alloc_node(3stap) for details. vm.kfree Fires when kfree is requested See probe::vm.kfree(3stap) for details. vm.kmem_cache_free Fires when kmem_cache_free is requested See probe::vm.kmem_cache_free(3stap) for details. SEE ALSO
function::vm_fault_contains(3stap), function::addr_to_node(3stap), probe::vm.pagefault(3stap), probe::vm.pagefault.return(3stap), probe::vm.write_shared(3stap), probe::vm.write_shared_copy(3stap), probe::vm.mmap(3stap), probe::vm.munmap(3stap), probe::vm.brk(3stap), probe::vm.oom_kill(3stap), probe::vm.kmalloc(3stap), probe::vm.kmem_cache_alloc(3stap), probe::vm.kmalloc_node(3stap), probe::vm.kmem_cache_alloc_node(3stap), probe::vm.kfree(3stap), probe::vm.kmem_cache_free(3stap), stap(1), stapprobes(3stap) IBM
--- tapset::memory(3stap)
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