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tapset::scsi(3stap) [centos man page]

tapset::scsi(3stap)													       tapset::scsi(3stap)

tapset::scsi - systemtap scsi tapset DESCRIPTION
This family of probe points is used to probe SCSI activities. scsi.ioentry Prepares a SCSI mid-layer request See probe::scsi.ioentry(3stap) for details. scsi.iodispatching SCSI mid-layer dispatched low-level SCSI command See probe::scsi.iodispatching(3stap) for details. scsi.iodone SCSI command completed by low level driver and enqueued into the done queue. See probe::scsi.iodone(3stap) for details. scsi.iocompleted SCSI mid-layer running the completion processing for block device I/O requests See probe::scsi.iocompleted(3stap) for details. scsi.ioexecute Create mid-layer SCSI request and wait for the result See probe::scsi.ioexecute(3stap) for details. scsi.set_state Order SCSI device state change See probe::scsi.set_state(3stap) for details. SEE ALSO
probe::scsi.ioentry(3stap), probe::scsi.iodispatching(3stap), probe::scsi.iodone(3stap), probe::scsi.iocompleted(3stap), probe::scsi.ioexecute(3stap), probe::scsi.set_state(3stap), stap(1), stapprobes(3stap) IBM
--- tapset::scsi(3stap)

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tapset::scheduler(3stap)												  tapset::scheduler(3stap)

tapset::scheduler - systemtap scheduler tapset DESCRIPTION
scheduler.cpu_off Process is about to stop running on a cpu See probe::scheduler.cpu_off(3stap) for details. scheduler.cpu_on Process is beginning execution on a cpu See probe::scheduler.cpu_on(3stap) for details. scheduler.tick Schedulers internal tick, a processes timeslice accounting is updated See probe::scheduler.tick(3stap) for details. scheduler.balance A cpu attempting to find more work. See probe::scheduler.balance(3stap) for details. scheduler.ctxswitch A context switch is occuring. See probe::scheduler.ctxswitch(3stap) for details. scheduler.kthread_stop A thread created by kthread_create is being stopped See probe::scheduler.kthread_stop(3stap) for details. scheduler.kthread_stop.return A kthread is stopped and gets the return value See probe::scheduler.kthread_stop.return(3stap) for details. scheduler.wait_task Waiting on a task to unschedule (become inactive) See probe::scheduler.wait_task(3stap) for details. scheduler.wakeup Task is woken up See probe::scheduler.wakeup(3stap) for details. scheduler.wakeup_new Newly created task is woken up for the first time See probe::scheduler.wakeup_new(3stap) for details. scheduler.migrate Task migrating across cpus See probe::scheduler.migrate(3stap) for details. scheduler.process_free Scheduler freeing a data structure for a process See probe::scheduler.process_free(3stap) for details. scheduler.process_exit Process exiting See probe::scheduler.process_exit(3stap) for details. scheduler.process_wait Scheduler starting to wait on a process See probe::scheduler.process_wait(3stap) for details. scheduler.process_fork Process forked See probe::scheduler.process_fork(3stap) for details. scheduler.signal_send Sending a signal See probe::scheduler.signal_send(3stap) for details. SEE ALSO
probe::scheduler.cpu_off(3stap), probe::scheduler.cpu_on(3stap), probe::scheduler.tick(3stap), probe::scheduler.balance(3stap), probe::scheduler.ctxswitch(3stap), probe::scheduler.kthread_stop(3stap), probe::scheduler.kthread_stop.return(3stap), probe::scheduler.wait_task(3stap), probe::scheduler.wakeup(3stap), probe::scheduler.wakeup_new(3stap), probe::scheduler.migrate(3stap), probe::scheduler.process_free(3stap), probe::scheduler.process_exit(3stap), probe::scheduler.process_wait(3stap), probe::scheduler.process_fork(3stap), probe::scheduler.signal_send(3stap), stap(1), stapprobes(3stap) IBM
--- tapset::scheduler(3stap)
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