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SGMLCHECK(1)									     SGMLCHECK(1)

       sgmlcheck - check the syntax of an LinuxDoc DTD sgml source file

       sgmlcheck file[.sgml]

       sgmlcheck  is  an  old  and obsoleted form of the SGML source checker command of LinuxDoc-
       Tools.  It is recommended to switch the new form linuxdoc -B check now.	It runs  an  SGML
       parse  on  the specified document source.  Any errors are reported to standard output.  No
       formatted version of the source is produced.

       Note that sgmlcheck preprocesses the LinuxDoc DTD SGML source, doing  the  conditionaliza-
       tion described by any <#if></#if> and <#unless></#unless> tags.	Document sources contain-
       ing these tags will confuse a standalone SGML parser.

       None.  The generic options described in linuxdoc(1)  are  accepted,  but  have  no  effect
       (except for -D).

       Many files and executables in /usr/share/linuxdoc-tools and /usr/bin are used.

       None known.

       Originally  written  by	Cees  de  Groot <cg@cdegroot.com> as sgmlcheck for SGML-Tools v1.
       Currently maintained by Taketoshi Sano <sano@debian.org> for Linuxdoc-Tools.

       linuxdoc(1), sgml2html(1), sgml2info(1), sgml2latex(1), sgml2rtf(1), sgml2txt(1).

					   16 May 2000				     SGMLCHECK(1)
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