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CentOS 7.0 - man page for festival_client (centos section 1)

FESTIVAL(1)				       General Commands Manual					  FESTIVAL(1)

festival_client - client access to festiva; text-to-speech server mode
festival_client [options] [file0] [file1] ...
Allows sending commands and/or test to a festival test-to-speech server. Festival may be started in server mode using the option --server festival-clinet allows waveforms ot be generated faster as not time is required for start up. See the festi- val manual for more details on recommended use.
--server <string> hostname (or IP number) of server --port <int> {1314} port number of server process (1314) --output <string> file to save output waveform to --otype <string> {riff} output type for waveform --passwd <string> server passwd in plain text (optional) --prolog <string> filename containing commands to be sent to the server before standard commands (useful when using --ttw) --async Asynchronous mode, server may send back multiple waveforms per text file --ttw Text to waveform: take text from first arg or stdin get server to return waveform(s) stored in output or operated on by aucommand. --withlisp Output lisp replies from server. --tts_mode <string> TTS mode for file (default is fundamental). --aucommand <string> command to be applied to each waveform retruned from server. Use $FILE in string to refer to waveform file
This still isn't as general as it should be. It seems to require lots of special little options which sug- gests the general options aren't right.
Alan W Black and Paul Taylor (C) Centre for Speech Technology Research University of Edinburgh 80 South Bridge Edinburgh EH1 1HN 1st Aug 1997 FESTIVAL(1)
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