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MASKTEST(1)				    Test Suite				      MASKTEST(1)

       masktest - Find differences in wildcard matching between Samba's implementation and that
       of a remote server.

       masktest {//server/share} [-U user%pass] [-d debuglevel] [-W workgroup] [-n numloops]
		[-s seed] [-a] [-E] [-M max protocol] [-f filechars] [-m maskchars] [-v]

       masktest is a utility for detecting differences in behaviour between Samba's own
       implementation and that of a remote server. It will run generate random filenames/masks
       and check if these match the same files they do on the remote file as they do on the local
       server. It will display any differences it finds.

       This utility is used by the Samba team to find differences in behaviour between Samba and
       Windows servers.

       -U user%pass
	   Specify the user and password to use when logging on on the shares. This parameter can
	   be specified twice (once for the first server, once for the second).

       -s seed
	   Seed the random number generator with the specified value.

       -n numops
	   Set the number of operations to perform.

	   Print the operations that are performed.

       -M max_protocol
	   Maximum protocol to use.

	   Specify characters that can be used when generating file names. Default:

	   Abort when difference in behaviour is found.

       -m maskchars
	   Specify characters used for wildcards.

	   Be verbose

       This man page is correct for version 4.0 of the Samba suite.


       This utility is part of the Samba[1] suite, which is developed by the global Samba

       masktest was written by Andrew Tridgell.

       This manpage was written by Jelmer Vernooij.

	1. Samba

	2. Samba Team

Samba 4.0				    06/17/2014				      MASKTEST(1)
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