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nisserver-plugin-defs(1)	  System Administrator's Manual 	 nisserver-plugin-defs(1)

       nisserver-plugin-defs - print default settings for the NIS server plugin

       nisserver-plugin-defs [-d domain ] [-m map ] [-s suffix ]

       The  nisserver-plugin-defs  command  produces example configuration entries containing the
       default settings which the NIS server plugin will use for all maps for which it has built-
       in defaults, or if a particular map name is specified, for one map.

       -d DOMAIN
	      By  default,  nisserver-plugin-defs uses a placeholder for the NIS domain name when
	      it prints example configuration entries.	This option allows  a  particular  domain
	      name to be specified.

       -m MAP By  default,  nisserver-plugin-defs prints example configuration entries for all of
	      the maps for which it has built-in defaults.  This option can be	used  to  examine
	      the defaults associated with a particular map name.

       -s SUFFIX
	      By default, nisserver-plugin-defs uses a placeholder for the base DN under which it
	      expects to find entries which are relevant for the map.  This option allows a  par-
	      ticular search base to be specified.

       Probably,  but  let's  hope not.  If you find any, please file them in the bug database at

       Nalin Dahyabhai <nalin@redhat.com>

slapi-nis				    2011/04/19			 nisserver-plugin-defs(1)
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