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openipmish(1)			Shell interface to an IPMI system		    openipmish(1)

       openipmish - Shell interface to an IPMI system

       openipmish [option]

       The  openipmish is a command interpreter that gives the full power of the OpenIPMI library
       to a user-level command language.  It is designed so  it  can  easily  be  driven  with	a
       scripting language like TCL, it has well-formed output.

       openipmish  starts up with no connections or anything of that nature.  You must enter com-
       mands to make connections to domains.

       --dmsg Turn on message debugging, this will dump all messages to debug log output.

	      Turn on raw message debugging, this will dump all low-level messages to  debug  log
	      output.	This  differs from normal message debugging in that all protocol messages
	      are also dumped, not just IPMI messages.

       --dmem Turn on memory debugging, this will cause memory allocation and deallocations to be
	      checked.	 When  the program terminates, it will dump all memory that was not prop-
	      erly freed (leaked).

	      Turn on printing out low-level message errors.

	      Turn on lock debugging, this will check lock operations to make sure that locks are
	      help in all the proper places and make sure that locks are properly nested.

       -x <string>, --execute <string>
	      Execute the given string at startup.  This may be entered multiple times for multi-
	      ple commands.

       --glib Use glib for the OS handler.

       --snmp Enable the SNMP trap handler.  openipmish must be compiled with SNMP  code  enabled
	      for this option to be available.

       --help Help output

       openipmish  follows  the standard command syntax defined in ipmi_cmdlang(7).  See that for
       the details on most commands.  The IPMI manual that comes with OpenIPMI will also be quite

       openipmish  defines  some  commands  that are not in the standard command language.  These

       read   Read and execute commands from the given file.

       exit   Quit

       redisp_cmd on|off
	      Normally, openipmish redisplays the command line when an event comes in.	 This  is
	      nice  for interactive use, but bad for scripting.  This lets you turn that function
	      on and off.

       ipmi_cmdlang(7), ipmi_ui(1)


       Corey Minyard <cminyard@mvista.org>

OpenIPMI				     05/13/03				    openipmish(1)
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