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lcp_mlehash(8) [centos man page]

LCP_MLEHASH(8)							   User Manuals 						    LCP_MLEHASH(8)

lcp_mlehash - generate a SHA-1 hash of a TXT MLE binary file suitable for use in a TXT launch control policy SYNOPSIS
lcp_mlehash [-v] [-c cmdline] [-h] mle-file DESCRIPTION
lcp_mlehash is used to generate a SHA-1 hash of the portion of an executable file that contains the Intel(R) TXT measured launched environ- ment (MLE). In the MLE binary file, the portion of the file to be used as the MLE is specified in the MLE header structure. If verbose mode is not used, the output is suitable for use as the mle-file to the lcp_crtpol and lcp_crtpolelt commands. OPTIONS
mle-file File name of the MLE binary. If it is a gzip file then it will be un-ziped before hashing. -v Verbose mode, display progress indications. -c cmdline Specify quote-delimited command line. It is important to specify the command line that is used when launching the MLE or the hash will not match what is calculated by SINIT. -h Print out the help message. EXAMPLES
lcp_mlehash -c "logging=memory,serial,vga" /boot/tboot.gz > mle-hash SEE ALSO
lcp_readpol(8), lcp_writepol(8), lcp_crtpol(8), lcp_crtpolelt(8). tboot 2011-12-31 LCP_MLEHASH(8)

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LCP_CRTPOLELT(8)						   User Manuals 						  LCP_CRTPOLELT(8)

lcp_crtpolelt - create an Intel(R) TXT policy element of specified type. SYNOPSIS
lcp_crtpolelt is used to create an Intel(R) TXT policy element of specified type. OPTIONS
--create create an policy element --type type type of element; must be first option; see below for type strings and their options --out file output file name [--ctrl pol-elt-ctr1] PolEltControl field (hex or decimal) --show file show policy element --verbose enable verbose output; can be specified with any command --help print out the help message Available type options: mle [--minver ver] minimum version of SINIT mle [file1][file2]... one or more files containing MLE hash(es); each file can contain multiple hashes pconf [file1][file2]... one or more files containing PCR numbers and the desired digest of each; each file will be a PCONF custom [--uuid UUID] UUID in format: {0xaabbccdd, 0xeeff, 0xgghh, 0xiijj, {0xkk 0xll, 0xmm, 0xnn, 0xoo, 0xpp}} or "--uuid tboot" to use default custom [file] file containing element data EXAMPLES
Create an MLE element: 1 lcp_mlehash -c "logging=serial,vga,memory" /boot/tboot.gz > mle-hash 2 lcp_crtpolelt --create --type mle --ctrl 0x00 --minver 17 --out mle.elt mle-hash Create a PCONF element: 1 cat /sys/devices/platform/tpm_tis/pcrs | grep -e PCR-00 -e PCR-01 > pcrs 2 lcp_crtpolelt --create --type pconf --out pconf.elt pcrs Create an SBIOS element: 1 Create hash file containing BIOS hash(es), e.g. named sbios-hash 2 lcp_crtpolelt --create --type sbios --out sbios.elt sbios-hash Create a CUSTOM element: 1 Create or determine the UUID that will identify this data format (e.g. using uuidgen(1)). 2 Create the data file that will be placed in this element (e.g. the policy file from tb_polgen(8)). 3 lcp_crtpolelt --create --type custom --out custom.elt --uuid uuid-value data-file SEE ALSO
lcp_crtpol2(8), lcp_mlehash(8), lcp_crtpollist(8), uuidgen(1), tb_polgen(8). tboot 2011-12-31 LCP_CRTPOLELT(8)

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