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CentOS 7.0 - man page for git-mktag (centos section 1)

GIT-MKTAG(1)							    Git Manual							      GIT-MKTAG(1)

git-mktag - Creates a tag object
git mktag < signature_file
Reads a tag contents on standard input and creates a tag object that can also be used to sign other objects. The output is the new tag's <object> identifier.
A tag signature file has a very simple fixed format: four lines of object <sha1> type <typename> tag <tagname> tagger <tagger> followed by some optional free-form message (some tags created by older Git may not have tagger line). The message, when exists, is separated by a blank line from the header. The message part may contain a signature that Git itself doesn't care about, but that can be verified with gpg.
Part of the git(1) suite Git 06/10/2014 GIT-MKTAG(1)