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PACKET.UNPACK(1)		       packet.unpack 1.0.1			 PACKET.UNPACK(1)

       packet.unpack - Unpack module

       Provides the object for managing and unpacking raw data from a working buffer.

   class Unpack(__builtin__.object)
       Unpack object

	   from packet.unpack import Unpack

	   x = Unpack(buffer)

	   # Get the 32 bytes from the working buffer
	   data = x.rawdata(32)

	   # Unpack an 'unsigned short' (2 bytes)
	   short_int = x.unpack(2, 'H')[0]

       Methods defined here:

       __init__(self, data)

	      Initialize object's private data.

	      data:  Raw packet data

       rawdata(self, size)
	      Get the number of bytes given from the working buffer.

       unpack(self, size, fmt)
	      Get  the	number of bytes given from the working buffer and process it according to
	      the given format.  Return a tuple of unpack items, see struct.unpack.

       No known bugs.

       Jorge Mora (mora@netapp.com)

NFStest 1.0.2				  10 April 2013 			 PACKET.UNPACK(1)
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