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CentOS 7.0 - man page for __gnu_debug::_safe_sequence_base (centos section 3)

__gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence_base(3)  Library Functions Manual __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence_base(3)

       __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence_base -

       Inherited by __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence< _Sequence >,
       __gnu_debug::_Safe_unordered_container_base, __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence< basic_string<
       _CharT, _Traits, _Allocator > >, __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence< deque< _Tp, _Allocator > >,
       __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence< forward_list< _Tp, _Alloc > >, __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence<
       list< _Tp, _Allocator > >, __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence< map< _Key, _Tp, _Compare,
       _Allocator > >, __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence< multimap< _Key, _Tp, _Compare, _Allocator >
       >, __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence< multiset< _Key, _Compare, _Allocator > >,
       __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence< set< _Key, _Compare, _Allocator > >, and
       __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence< vector< _Tp, _Allocator > >.

   Public Member Functions
       void _M_attach (_Safe_iterator_base *__it, bool __constant)
       void _M_attach_single (_Safe_iterator_base *__it, bool __constant)  throw ()
       void _M_detach (_Safe_iterator_base *__it)
       void _M_detach_single (_Safe_iterator_base *__it)  throw ()
       void _M_invalidate_all () const

   Public Attributes
       _Safe_iterator_base * _M_const_iterators
       _Safe_iterator_base * _M_iterators
       unsigned int _M_version

   Protected Member Functions
       ~_Safe_sequence_base ()
       void _M_detach_all ()
       void _M_detach_singular ()
       __gnu_cxx::__mutex & _M_get_mutex ()  throw ()
       void _M_revalidate_singular ()
       void _M_swap (_Safe_sequence_base &__x)

Detailed Description
       Base class that supports tracking of iterators that reference a sequence.

       The _Safe_sequence_base class provides basic support for tracking iterators into a
       sequence. Sequences that track iterators must derived from _Safe_sequence_base publicly,
       so that safe iterators (which inherit _Safe_iterator_base) can attach to them. This class
       contains two linked lists of iterators, one for constant iterators and one for mutable
       iterators, and a version number that allows very fast invalidation of all iterators that
       reference the container.

       This class must ensure that no operation on it may throw an exception, otherwise safe
       sequences may fail to provide the exception-safety guarantees required by the C++

       Definition at line 177 of file safe_base.h.

Constructor &; Destructor Documentation
   __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence_base::~_Safe_sequence_base () [inline],	[protected]
       Notify all iterators that reference this sequence that the sequence is being destroyed.

       Definition at line 197 of file safe_base.h.

       References _M_detach_all().

Member Function Documentation
   void __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence_base::_M_attach (_Safe_iterator_base *__it, bool__constant)
       Attach an iterator to this sequence.

   void __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence_base::_M_attach_single (_Safe_iterator_base *__it,
       Likewise but not thread safe.

   void __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence_base::_M_detach (_Safe_iterator_base *__it)
       Detach an iterator from this sequence

   void __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence_base::_M_detach_all () [protected]
       Detach all iterators, leaving them singular.

       Referenced by ~_Safe_sequence_base().

   void __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence_base::_M_detach_single (_Safe_iterator_base *__it)
       Likewise but not thread safe.

   void __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence_base::_M_detach_singular () [protected]
       Detach all singular iterators.

	   for all iterators i attached to this sequence, i->_M_version == _M_version.

   __gnu_cxx::__mutex& __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence_base::_M_get_mutex () [protected]
       For use in _Safe_sequence.

       Referenced by __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence< _Sequence >::_M_transfer_from_if().

   void __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence_base::_M_invalidate_all () const [inline]
       Invalidates all iterators.

       Definition at line 233 of file safe_base.h.

       References _M_version.

   void __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence_base::_M_revalidate_singular () [protected]
       Revalidates all attached singular iterators. This method may be used to validate iterators
       that were invalidated before (but for some reason, such as an exception, need to become
       valid again).

   void __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence_base::_M_swap (_Safe_sequence_base &__x) [protected]
       Swap this sequence with the given sequence. This operation also swaps ownership of the
       iterators, so that when the operation is complete all iterators that originally referenced
       one container now reference the other container.

Member Data Documentation
   _Safe_iterator_base* __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence_base::_M_const_iterators
       The list of constant iterators that reference this container.

       Definition at line 184 of file safe_base.h.

       Referenced by __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence< _Sequence >::_M_transfer_from_if().

   _Safe_iterator_base* __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence_base::_M_iterators
       The list of mutable iterators that reference this container.

       Definition at line 181 of file safe_base.h.

       Referenced by __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence< _Sequence >::_M_transfer_from_if().

   unsigned int __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence_base::_M_version [mutable]
       The container version number. This number may never be 0.

       Definition at line 187 of file safe_base.h.

       Referenced by _M_invalidate_all(), and __gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence< _Sequence

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