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kjs(1) [centos man page]

KJS(1)								 KDE User's Manual							    KJS(1)

kjs - KDE ECMAScript compatible interpreter SYNOPSIS
kjs [[--help] | [-help] | [-h]] [[-e statement]] [script] DESCRIPTION
kjs is KDE ECMAScript/JavaScript engine. APPLICATION OPTIONS
--help,-help,-h Show kjscmd usage. -e statement Executes the statement and exits. For example: kjs -e "print('hello world')" script Executes the statements included in file script. USAGE
kjsfile, as many other interpreters, when called without parameters uses a line editor to enter statements, showing the prompt JS> To exit the line editor type quit() or press Ctrl+D. SEE ALSO
kjs(1) BUGS
There are probably tons of bugs. Use[1] to report them. AUTHOR
Harri Porten <> Author. NOTES
1. 0.01.01 2008-10-15 KJS(1)

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KCOOKIEJAR4(8)							 KDE User's Manual						    KCOOKIEJAR4(8)

kcookiejar4 - KDE HTTP cookie daemon SYNOPSIS
kcookiejar4 [--help] [Generic-options] [Qt-options] [KDE-options] [--shutdown] [--remove domain] [--remove-all] [--reload-config] DESCRIPTION
kcookiejar4 handles the HTTP cookies providing a D-BUS service to store/retrieve/clean cookies. GENERIC OPTIONS
--author Show author information. --help Show help about options. --help-all Show all options. --help-kde Show KDE specific options. --help-qt Show Qt specific options. --license Show license information. -v--version Show version information APPLICATION OPTIONS
--shutdown Shut down cookie jar and the D-BUS service. --remove domain Removes cookies for domain from the cookie jar. --remove-all Removes all the cookies from the cookie jar. --reaload-config Reloads the configuration file. USAGE
KDE web browser konqueror uses kcookiejar4 for storing and managing cookies using the D-Bus service kcookiejar4 provides. When kcookiejar4 is started without parameters, it provides a D-BUS service to handle HTTP cookies. When kcookiejar4 is started with some parameters, it does additional tasks to the cookies jar it provides, like removing the cookies from one domain. SEE ALSO
kdeoptions(7), qtoptions(7) BUGS
There are probably tons of bugs. Use[1] to report them. AUTHORS
Waldo Bastian <> Author. Dawit Alemayehu <> Author. NOTES
1. 0.01.01 2008-10-14 KCOOKIEJAR4(8)
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