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MRTG2PCP(1)			       Performance Co-Pilot			      MRTG2PCP(1)

       mrtg2pcp - Import mrtg data and create a PCP archive

       mrtg2pcp hostname devname timezone infile outfile

       mrtg2pcp is intended to read an MRTG log file as created by mrtg(1) and translate this
       into a Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) archive with the basename outfile.  The hostname,
       devname, and timezone arguments specify information about the system for which the
       statistics were gathered.

       The resultant PCP achive may be used with all the PCP client tools to graph subsets of the
       data using pmchart(1), perform data reduction and reporting, filter with the PCP inference
       engine pmie(1), etc.

       A series of physical files will be created with the prefix outfile.  These are outfile.0
       (the performance data), outfile.meta (the metadata that describes the performance data)
       and outfile.index (a temporal index to improve efficiency of replay operations for the
       archive).  If any of these files exists already, then mrtg2pcp will not overwrite them and
       will exit with an error message of the form

       __pmLogNewFile: "blah.0" already exists, not over-written

       mrtg2pcp is a Perl script that uses the PCP::LogImport Perl wrapper around the PCP
       libpcp_import library, and as such could be used as an example to develop new tools to
       import other types of performance data and create PCP archives.

       logimport(3), PCP::LogImport(3pm), pmchart(1), pmie(1) pmlogger(1).

3.8.10				       Performance Co-Pilot			      MRTG2PCP(1)
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