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CentOS 7.0 - man page for xmactivateprotocol (centos section 3)

XmActivateProtocol(library call)				 XmActivateProtocol(library call)

       XmActivateProtocol -- A VendorShell function that activates a protocol

       #include <Xm/Protocols.h>
       void XmActivateProtocol(
       Widget shell,
       Atom property,
       Atom protocol);

       XmActivateProtocol  activates  a protocol. It updates the handlers and the property if the
       shell is realized. It is sometimes useful to allow a protocol's state  information  (call-
       back lists, and so on) to persist, even though the client may choose to temporarily resign
       from the interaction. This is supported by allowing a protocol to be in one of two states:
       active or inactive. If the protocol is active and the shell is realized, the property con-
       tains the protocol Atom.  If the protocol is inactive, the Atom	is  not  present  in  the

       XmActivateWMProtocol  is  a  convenience  interface.  It calls XmActivateProtocol with the
       property value set to the atom returned by interning WM_PROTOCOLS.

       shell	 Specifies the widget with which the protocol property is associated

       property  Specifies the protocol property

       protocol  Specifies the protocol Atom

       For a complete definition of VendorShell and its associated resources, see VendorShell(3).

       VendorShell(3), XmActivateWMProtocol(3), XmRemoveProtocols(3) and XmInternAtom(3).

								 XmActivateProtocol(library call)

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