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std::exception(3) [centos man page]

std::exception(3)					     Library Functions Manual						 std::exception(3)

std::exception - SYNOPSIS
Inherited by __gnu_cxx::__concurrence_broadcast_error, __gnu_cxx::__concurrence_lock_error, __gnu_cxx::__concurrence_unlock_error, __gnu_cxx::__concurrence_wait_error, __gnu_cxx::forced_error, __gnu_cxx::recursive_init_error, std::bad_alloc, std::bad_cast, std::bad_exception, std::bad_function_call, std::bad_typeid, std::bad_weak_ptr, std::ios_base::failure, std::logic_error, and std::runtime_error. Public Member Functions virtual const char * what () const noexcept Detailed Description Base class for all library exceptions. This is the base class for all exceptions thrown by the standard library, and by certain language expressions. You are free to derive your own exception classes, or use a different hierarchy, or to throw non-class data (e.g., fundamental types). Definition at line 60 of file exception. Member Function Documentation virtual const char* std::exception::what () const [virtual], [noexcept] Returns a C-style character string describing the general cause of the current error. Reimplemented in std::bad_function_call, std::ios_base::failure, std::bad_typeid, std::bad_cast, std::runtime_error, std::future_error, std::bad_exception, std::logic_error, std::bad_weak_ptr, and std::bad_alloc. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libstdc++ from the source code. libstdc++ Tue Jun 10 2014 std::exception(3)

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std::locale::facet(3cxx)												  std::locale::facet(3cxx)

std::locale::facet - SYNOPSIS
Inherited by std::__codecvt_abstract_base< _InternT, _ExternT, encoding_state >, std::__codecvt_abstract_base< char, char, mbstate_t >, std::__codecvt_abstract_base< wchar_t, char, mbstate_t >, std::__ctype_abstract_base< wchar_t >, std::__codecvt_abstract_base< _InternT, _ExternT, _StateT >, std::__ctype_abstract_base< _CharT >, std::__moneypunct_cache< _CharT, _Intl >, std::__numpunct_cache< _CharT >, std::__timepunct< _CharT >, std::__timepunct_cache< _CharT >, std::collate< _CharT >, std::ctype< char >, std::messages< _CharT >, std::money_get< _CharT, _InIter >, std::money_put< _CharT, _OutIter >, std::moneypunct< _CharT, _Intl >, std::num_get< _CharT, _InIter >, std::num_put< _CharT, _OutIter >, std::numpunct< _CharT >, std::time_get< _CharT, _InIter >, and std::time_put< _CharT, _OutIter >. Protected Member Functions facet (size_t __refs=0) throw () virtual ~facet () Static Protected Member Functions static __c_locale _S_clone_c_locale (__c_locale &__cloc) throw () static void _S_create_c_locale (__c_locale &__cloc, const char *__s, __c_locale __old=0) static void _S_destroy_c_locale (__c_locale &__cloc) static __c_locale _S_get_c_locale () static const char * _S_get_c_name () throw () static __c_locale _S_lc_ctype_c_locale (__c_locale __cloc, const char *__s) Friends class locale class locale::_Impl Detailed Description Localization functionality base class. The facet class is the base class for a localization feature, such as money, time, and number printing. It provides common support for facets and reference management. Facets may not be copied or assigned. Definition at line 339 of file locale_classes.h. Constructor &; Destructor Documentation std::locale::facet::facet (size_t__refs = 0) throw () [inline], [explicit], [protected] Facet constructor. This is the constructor provided by the standard. If refs is 0, the facet is destroyed when the last referencing locale is destroyed. Otherwise the facet will never be destroyed. Parameters: refs The initial value for reference count. Definition at line 371 of file locale_classes.h. virtual std::locale::facet::~facet () [protected], [virtual] Facet destructor. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libstdc++ from the source code. libstdc++ Tue Nov 27 2012 std::locale::facet(3cxx)
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