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dsecndtst.f(3)				      LAPACK				   dsecndtst.f(3)

       dsecndtst.f -

       program __dsecndtst.f__
       subroutine mysub (N, X, Y)

Function/Subroutine Documentation
   program __dsecndtst.f__ ()
       DSECNDTST Author:
	   Univ. of Tennessee

	   Univ. of California Berkeley

	   Univ. of Colorado Denver

	   NAG Ltd.

	   November 2011

       Definition at line 37 of file dsecndtst.f.

   subroutine mysub (integerN, double precision, dimension(n)X, double precision, dimension(n)Y)
       Definition at line 120 of file dsecndtst.f.

       Generated automatically by Doxygen for LAPACK from the source code.

Version 3.4.2				 Tue Sep 25 2012			   dsecndtst.f(3)
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