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Tk_GetRootCoords(3)		      Tk Library Procedures		      Tk_GetRootCoords(3)


       Tk_GetRootCoords - Compute root-window coordinates of window

       #include <tk.h>

       Tk_GetRootCoords(tkwin, xPtr, yPtr)

       Tk_Window tkwin (in)	     Token for window.

       int *xPtr (out)		     Pointer  to location in which to store root-window x-coordi-
				     nate corresponding to left edge of tkwin's border.

       int *yPtr (out)		     Pointer to location in which to store root-window	y-coordi-
				     nate corresponding to top edge of tkwin's border.

       This  procedure	scans  through the structural information maintained by Tk to compute the
       root-window coordinates corresponding to the upper-left	corner	of  tkwin's  border.   If
       tkwin has no border, then Tk_GetRootCoords returns the root-window coordinates correspond-
       ing to location (0,0) in tkwin.	Tk_GetRootCoords is relatively efficient, since  it  does
       not have to communicate with the X server.

       coordinates, root window

Tk									      Tk_GetRootCoords(3)
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