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TTMKFDIR(1)									      TTMKFDIR(1)

       ttmkfdir - Utility to create fonts.scale files for truetype fonts

       ttmkfdir [OPTION]

	   Originally  written by Joerg Pommnitz, ttmkfdir is a tool to create valid and complete
       fonts.scale file from TrueType fonts. It is very useful when you plan to  use  a  TrueType
       enabled font server that is based on the X11R6 sample implementation (xfsft for instance).
       Great care has been taken to correctly identify the encodings that a given  TrueType  font

       The ttmkfdir comes with Red Hat Linux has experienced quite some modifications or improve-
       ments, include:

       - migration to FreeType 2 library

       - more accurate checking for big font files

       - support for both two X core font backends, Freetype and XTT

       - Truetype collection(ttc) font file support

       - additional CJK friendly features

       - bug fixes

       Here is the detailed usage of Red Hat version of ttmkfdir.

       -h, --help
	      It shows the menus and combo box in iok UI

       -e, --encoding <encodings.dir>
	      ttmkfdir is doing its job by checking  each  TrueType  font  file  against  fontenc
	      layer,  please refer www.xfree86.org/current/fonts.html for details. Default encod-
	      ings.dir file is /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/encodings/encodings.dir

       -o, --output
	      Specify output, default is fonts.scale in the current directory

       -d, --font-dir
	      Specify TrueType font directory, default is the current directory

       -f, --default-foundry
	      Specify name of the default font foundry, default is "misc"

       -m, --max-missing
	      Specify the maximum number of missing characters per encoding, default is  5.  This
	      option applies to the encoding that has less than 256 codepoint definitions.

       -a, --max-missing-percentage
	      Specify  the  maximum  percentage of missing characters per encoding, default is 2.
	      This option applies to the encoding that has more than 256 codepoint definitions.

       -b, --font-backend
	      For X FreeType backend, use value "1", for XTT backend use value "2", default value
	      is 1. When you have TrueType Collection font(.ttc), you need to use this option.

       -x, --additional-entries
	      Additional  entries  mean those extra TTCaps stuff for XTT backend, mainly for bold
	      and italic font support. Or for FreeType backend, because  FreeType  still  doesn't
	      support  bold and italic font, ttmkfdir can generate extra "dummy" XLFDs, so appli-
	      cations who asking those fonts won't complain.

	      Default value is "0" means off,otherwise use "1" to switch it on.

       -c, --completeness
	      use less strict completeness tests for encoding tables

       -p, --panose
	      use panose information

       Yu Shao <yshao@redhat.com> and Pravin Satpute <psatpute@redhat.com>

       GNU Library General Public License

					  March 28, 2013			      TTMKFDIR(1)
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