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XmTransferSendRequest(library call)			      XmTransferSendRequest(library call)

       XmTransferSendRequest -- A toolkit function that transfers a MULTIPLE request

       #include <Xm/Transfer.h>

       void XmTransferSendRequest(
       XtPointer transfer_id,
       Time time);

       XmTransferSendRequest  marks  the  end of a MULTIPLE request started by XmTransferStartRe-

		 Specifies a unique indentifier for the data transfer operation.

       time	 Specifies the time of the XEvent that triggered the data transfer.   You  should
		 typically set this field to XtLastTimestampProcessed.

       XmTransferSetParameters(3), XmTransferStartRequest(3), and XmTransferValue(3).

							      XmTransferSendRequest(library call)
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