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PESIGN(1)										PESIGN(1)

       pesign - command line tool for signing UEFI applications

       pesign [--in=infile | -i infile]
	      [--out=outfile | -o outfile]
	      [--token=token | -t token]
	      [--certificate=nickname | -c nickname]
	      [--force | -f] [--sign | -s] [--hash | -h]
	      [--digest_type=digest | -d digest]
	      [--show-signature | -S ] [--remove-signature | -r ]
	      [--export-pubkey=outkey | -K outkey]
	      [--export-cert=outcert | -C outcert]
	      [--ascii-armor | -a] [--daemonize | -D] [--nofork | -N]

       pesign  is  a  command  line tool for manipulating signatures and cryptographic digests of
       UEFI applications.

	      Specify input binary.

	      Specify output binary.

	      Use the specified NSS token's certificate database.

	      Use the certificate database entry with the specified nickname for signing.

	      Overwrite output files. Without this parameter, pesign will refuse to overrite  any
	      output files which already exist.

       --sign Sign the input binary with the key specified by --certificate.

       --hash Display the cryptographic digest of the input binary on standard output.

	      Use  the specified digest in hashing and signing operations. By default, this value
	      is "sha256".  Use "--digest=help" to list the available digests.

	      Show information about the signature of the input binary.

	      Remove the signature section from the binary.

	      Export the public key specified by --certificate to outkey

	      Export the certificate specified by --certificate to outcert

	      Use ascii armoring on exported certificates.

	      Spawn a daemon for use with pesign-client(1)

	      Do not fork when using --daemonize.


       Peter Jones

					 Thu Jun 21 2012				PESIGN(1)
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