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QPNGImagePacker(3qt)										 QPNGImagePacker(3qt)

QPNGImagePacker - Creates well-compressed PNG animations
#include <qpngio.h> Public Members QPNGImagePacker ( QIODevice * iod, int storage_depth, int conversionflags ) void setPixelAlignment ( int x ) bool packImage ( const QImage & img )
The QPNGImagePacker class creates well-compressed PNG animations. By using transparency, QPNGImagePacker allows you to build a PNG image from a sequence of QImages. Images are added using packImage(). See also Graphics Classes and Image Processing Classes.
QPNGImagePacker::QPNGImagePacker ( QIODevice * iod, int storage_depth, int conversionflags ) Creates an image packer that writes PNG data to IO device iod using a storage_depth bit encoding (use 8 or 32, depending on the desired quality and compression requirements). If the image needs to be modified to fit in a lower-resolution result (e.g. converting from 32-bit to 8-bit), use the conversionflags to specify how you'd prefer this to happen. See also Qt::ImageConversionFlags. bool QPNGImagePacker::packImage ( const QImage & img ) Adds the image img to the PNG animation, analyzing the differences between this and the previous image to improve compression. void QPNGImagePacker::setPixelAlignment ( int x ) Aligns pixel differences to x pixels. For example, using 8 can improve playback on certain hardware. Normally the default of 1-pixel alignment (i.e. no alignment) gives better compression and performance.
Copyright 1992-2007 Trolltech ASA, See the license file included in the distribution for a complete license statement.
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