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PERF-TEST(1)				   perf Manual				     PERF-TEST(1)

       perf-test - Runs sanity tests.

       perf test [<options>] [{list <test-name-fragment>|[<test-name-fragments>|<test-numbers>]}]

       This command does assorted sanity tests, initially through linked routines but also will
       look for a directory with more tests in the form of scripts.

       To get a list of available tests use perf test list, specifying a test name fragment will
       show all tests that have it.

       To run just specific tests, inform test name fragments or the numbers obtained from perf
       test list.

       -s, --skip
	   Tests to skip (comma separater numeric list).

       -v, --verbose
	   Be more verbose.

perf					    06/30/2014				     PERF-TEST(1)
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