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CentOS 7.0 - man page for __gnu_pbds::detail::pat_trie_base__inode (centos section 3)

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__gnu_pbds::detail::pat_trie_ba__gnu_pbds::detail::pat_trie_base::_Inode< _ATraits, Metadata >(3)

       __gnu_pbds::detail::pat_trie_base::_Inode< _ATraits, Metadata > -

       Inherits __gnu_pbds::detail::pat_trie_base::_Node_base< _ATraits, Metadata >.

       struct const_iterator
       struct iterator

   Public Types
       enum { arr_size }
       typedef _Alloc::template
	   rebind< _ATraits > __rebind_at"
       typedef _Alloc::template
	   rebind< node_pointer >::other __rebind_np"
       typedef base_type::allocator_type _Alloc
       typedef base_type::access_traits access_traits
       typedef _Alloc allocator_type
       typedef _Node_base< _ATraits,
	   Metadata > base_type"
       typedef __rebind_np::pointer node_pointer_pointer
       typedef __rebind_np::reference node_pointer_reference
       typedef _Alloc::size_type size_type
       typedef base_type::type_traits type_traits
       typedef type_traits::value_type value_type

   Public Member Functions
       _Inode (size_type, const a_const_iterator)
       node_pointer add_child (node_pointer, a_const_iterator, a_const_iterator, a_const_pointer)
       const_iterator begin () const
       iterator begin ()
       const_iterator end () const
       iterator end ()
       iterator get_child_it (a_const_iterator, a_const_iterator, a_const_pointer)
       node_pointer get_child_node (a_const_iterator, a_const_iterator, a_const_pointer)
       node_const_pointer get_child_node (a_const_iterator, a_const_iterator, a_const_pointer)
       size_type get_e_ind () const
       node_const_pointer get_join_child (node_const_pointer, a_const_pointer) const
       node_pointer get_join_child (node_pointer, a_const_pointer)
       node_pointer get_lower_bound_child_node (a_const_iterator, a_const_iterator, size_type,
       leaf_pointer leftmost_descendant ()
       leaf_const_pointer leftmost_descendant () const
       a_const_iterator pref_b_it () const
       a_const_iterator pref_e_it () const
       void remove_child (node_pointer)
       void remove_child (iterator)
       void replace_child (node_pointer, a_const_iterator, a_const_iterator, a_const_pointer)
       leaf_pointer rightmost_descendant ()
       leaf_const_pointer rightmost_descendant () const
       bool should_be_mine (a_const_iterator, a_const_iterator, size_type, a_const_pointer) const
       void update_prefixes (a_const_pointer)

   Public Attributes
       node_pointer m_p_parent
       const node_type m_type

Detailed Description
   template<typename _ATraits, typename Metadata>struct
       __gnu_pbds::detail::pat_trie_base::_Inode< _ATraits, Metadata >
       Internal node type, PATRICIA tree.

       Definition at line 211 of file pat_trie_base.hpp.

       Generated automatically by Doxygen for libstdc++ from the source code.

libstdc++		       __gnu_pbds::detail::pat_trie_base::_Inode< _ATraits, Metadata >(3)
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