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obex-data-server(1)							      obex-data-server(1)

       obex-data-server - D-Bus service providing OBEX functionality

       obex-data-server [OPTIONS]

       obex-data-server  is  D-Bus service providing high-level OBEX client and server side func-
       tionality. It currently supports OPP (Object Push Profile), FTP	(File  Transfer  profile)
       and partially BIP (Basic Imaging profile). Supported transports are Bluetooth, USB (client
       only) or TTY. obex-data-server exposes it's functionality through 'org.openobex' namespace
       in D-Bus.

       -n, --no-daemon
	      Do not daemonize the service

       -s, --system-bus
	      Use D-Bus System bus instead of the default Session bus

       -l, --log
	      Log all messages to syslog

       -d, --debug
	      Enable debugging messages

       -v, --version
	      Show version of obex-data-server and exit immediately

       This manual page was written by Tadas Dailyda <tadas@dailyda.com>.

       Report bugs to http://bugs.muiline.com (obex-data-server project).

					 18 October 2009		      obex-data-server(1)
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