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PERF-MEM(1)				   perf Manual				      PERF-MEM(1)

       perf-mem - Profile memory accesses

       perf mem [<options>] (record [<command>] | report)

       "perf mem -t <TYPE> record" runs a command and gathers memory operation data from it, into
       perf.data. Perf record options are accepted and are passed through.

       "perf mem -t <TYPE> report" displays the result. It invokes perf report with the right set
       of options to display a memory access profile.

	   Any command you can specify in a shell.

       -t, --type=
	   Select the memory operation type: load or store (default: load)

       -D, --dump-raw-samples=
	   Dump the raw decoded samples on the screen in a format that is easy to parse with one
	   sample per line.

       -x, --field-separator
	   Specify the field separator used when dump raw samples (-D option). By default, The
	   separator is the space character.

       -C, --cpu-list
	   Restrict dump of raw samples to those provided via this option. Note that the same
	   option can be passed in record mode. It will be interpreted the same way as perf

       perf-record(1), perf-report(1)

perf					    06/30/2014				      PERF-MEM(1)
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