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XmFileSelectionDoSearch(library call)			    XmFileSelectionDoSearch(library call)

       XmFileSelectionDoSearch -- A FileSelectionBox function that initiates a directory search

       #include <Xm/FileSB.h>
       void XmFileSelectionDoSearch(
       Widget widget,
       XmString dirmask);

       XmFileSelectionDoSearch	initiates  a directory and file search in a FileSelectionBox wid-
       get.  For a description of the actions  that  the  FileSelectionBox  takes  when  doing	a
       search, see XmFileSelectionBox(3).

       widget	 Specifies the FileSelectionBox widget ID.

       dirmask	 Specifies  the directory mask used in determining the directories and files dis-
		 played in the FileSelectionBox lists.	This value is used as the mask member  of
		 the  input data XmFileSelectionBoxCallbackStruct structure passed to the FileSe-
		 lectionBox's XmNqualifySearchDataProc.  The dir  and  pattern	members  of  that
		 structure are NULL.

       For  a complete definition of FileSelectionBox and its associated resources, see XmFileSe-


							    XmFileSelectionDoSearch(library call)
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