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j2k_dump(1)			       dumps jpeg2000 files			      j2k_dump(1)

       j2k_dump  - This program reads in a jpeg2000 image and dumps the contents to stdout. It is
       part of the OpenJPEG library.

       Valid input image extensions are .j2k, .jp2, .jpt

       j2k_dump -i infile.j2k

       j2k_dump -ImgDir images/ Dump all files in images/

       j2k_dump -h Print help message and exit

       -i name
	      (jpeg2000 input file name)

       -ImgDir directory_name
	      (directory containing jpeg2000 input files)

       Copyright (c) 20010, Mathieu Malaterre

       image_to_j2k(1) j2k_to_image(1)

j2k_dump				  Version 1.4.0 			      j2k_dump(1)
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