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XmDirectionToStringDirection(library call)	       XmDirectionToStringDirection(library call)

       XmDirectionToStringDirection  --  A  function  that  converts  an  XmDirection value to an
       XmStringDirection value

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       XmStringDirection XmDirectionToStringDirection (dir)
	       XmDirection     dir;

       XmDirectionToStringDirection converts the specified XmDirection	direction  value  to  its
       equivalent  XmStringDirection value.  Basically, if the XmDirection value has a horizontal
       direction specification, that horizontal element is used; otherwise, the XmStringDirection
       value  is  interpreted as XmSTRING_DIRECTION_L_TO_R.  This function provides backward com-
       patibility with the XmStringDirection data type.

       Note that the Motif toolkit also contains an XmStringDirectionToDirection routine to  con-
       vert an XmStringDirection value to its XmDirection equivalent.

       dir	 Specifies the XmDirection value to be converted.

       Returns the following XmStringDirection values:

		 If  the  dir  argument has a right to left horizontal direction value in it, for

		 If the dir argument has a left to right horizontal direction in it, for  example
		 XmLEFT_TO_RIGHT_TOP_TO_BOTTOM,  or  if the horizontal direction value in the dir
		 argument is ambiguous, such as in the XmTOP_TO_BOTTOM value.

		 If there was no horizontal direction specified.

       XmDirection(3), XmDirectionMatch(3), XmDirectionMatchPartial(3), XmDirectionToStringDirec-
       tion(3), XmString(3), XmStringDirection(3), and XmStringDirectionToDirection(3),

						       XmDirectionToStringDirection(library call)
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