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CentOS 7.0 - man page for tcl_newdoubleobj (centos section 3)

Tcl_DoubleObj(3)		      Tcl Library Procedures			 Tcl_DoubleObj(3)


       Tcl_NewDoubleObj,  Tcl_SetDoubleObj,  Tcl_GetDoubleFromObj  -  manipulate  Tcl  objects as
       floating-point values

       #include <tcl.h>

       Tcl_Obj *

       Tcl_SetDoubleObj(objPtr, doubleValue)

       Tcl_GetDoubleFromObj(interp, objPtr, doublePtr)

       double doubleValue (in)		    A double-precision floating-point value used to  ini-
					    tialize or set a Tcl object.

       Tcl_Obj *objPtr (in/out) 	    For  Tcl_SetDoubleObj,  this  points to the object in
					    which to store a double value.  For Tcl_GetDoubleFro-
					    mObj,  this  refers  to  the  object  from	which  to
					    retrieve a double value.

       Tcl_Interp *interp (in/out)	    When non-NULL, an error message  is  left  here  when
					    double value retrieval fails.

       double *doublePtr (out)		    Points  to	place  to store the double value obtained
					    from objPtr.

       These procedures are used to create, modify, and read Tcl objects that hold  double-preci-
       sion floating-point values.

       Tcl_NewDoubleObj creates and returns a new Tcl object initialized to the double value dou-
       bleValue.  The returned Tcl object is unshared.

       Tcl_SetDoubleObj sets the value of an existing Tcl object pointed to by objPtr to the dou-
       ble  value  doubleValue.   The  objPtr argument must point to an unshared Tcl object.  Any
       attempt to set the value of a shared Tcl object violates Tcl's copy-on-write policy.   Any
       existing  string representation or internal representation in the unshared Tcl object will
       be freed as a consequence of setting the new value.

       Tcl_GetDoubleFromObj attempts to retrieve a double value from the Tcl object  objPtr.   If
       the  attempt  succeeds,	then  TCL_OK  is returned, and the double value is written to the
       storage pointed to by doublePtr.  If the attempt fails, then TCL_ERROR is returned, and if
       interp  is non-NULL, an error message is left in interp.  The Tcl_ObjType of objPtr may be
       changed to make subsequent calls to Tcl_GetDoubleFromObj more efficient.

       Tcl_NewObj, Tcl_DecrRefCount, Tcl_IncrRefCount, Tcl_GetObjResult

       double, double object, double type, internal representation, object, object  type,  string

Tcl					       8.0				 Tcl_DoubleObj(3)

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