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XML::DOM::AttlistDecl(3)       User Contributed Perl Documentation	 XML::DOM::AttlistDecl(3)

       XML::DOM::AttlistDecl - An XML ATTLIST declaration in XML::DOM

       XML::DOM::AttlistDecl extends XML::DOM::Node but is not part of the DOM Level 1

       This node represents an ATTLIST declaration, e.g.

	<!ATTLIST person
	  sex	   (male|female)  #REQUIRED
	  hair	   CDATA	  "bold"
	  eyes	   (none|one|two) "two"
	  species  (human)	  #FIXED "human">

       Each attribute definition is stored a separate AttDef node. The AttDef nodes can be
       retrieved with getAttDef and added with addAttDef.  (The AttDef nodes are stored in a
       NamedNodeMap internally.)

	   Returns the Element tagName.

       getAttDef (attrName)
	   Returns the AttDef node for the attribute with the specified name.

       addAttDef (attrName, type, default, [ fixed ])
	   Adds a AttDef node for the attribute with the specified name.

	    attrName the attribute name.
	    type     the attribute type (e.g. "CDATA" or "(male|female)".)
	    default  the default value enclosed in quotes (!), the string #IMPLIED or
			the string #REQUIRED.
	    fixed    whether the attribute is '#FIXED' (default is 0.)

perl v5.16.3				    2000-01-31			 XML::DOM::AttlistDecl(3)
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