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ABRT-SERVER(1)				   ABRT Manual				   ABRT-SERVER(1)

       abrt-server - Unix socket for ABRT.

       abrt-server [-u UID] [-spv[v]...]

       abrt-server is executed by abrtd daemon to handle socket connections. Every application in
       system is able to invoke creation of a new problem directory by following the
       communication protocol (described below in section PROTOCOL).

       -u UID
	   Use UID as client uid

	   Log to system log.

	   Add program names to log.

	   Log more detailed debugging information.

       Initializing new dump: connect to UNIX domain socket /var/run/abrt.socket

       Providing data (writting data to the socket):

	   -> "POST / HTTP/1.1\r\n"
	   -> "\r\n"
	   -> "type=string\0"
	      string, maximum length 100 bytes
	   -> "reason=string\0"
	      string, maximum length 512 bytes
	   -> "pid=number\0"
	      number, 0 - PID_MAX (/proc/sys/kernel/pid_max)
	   -> "executable=string\0"
	      string, maximum length ~MAX_PATH
	   -> "backtrace=string\0"
	      string, maximum length 1 MB
	   -> (close writing half of the socket)
	   <- "HTTP/1.1 201 \r\n"
	   <- "\r\n"

       Deleting problem directory:

	   -> "DELETE <directory_name> HTTP/1.1\r\n"
	   -> "\r\n"
	   -> (close writing half of the socket)
	   <- "HTTP/1.1 200 \r\n"
	   <- "\r\n"

       o   ABRT team

abrt 2.1.11				    06/18/2014				   ABRT-SERVER(1)
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