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install-catalog(8) [centos man page]


install-catalog - Manage a SGML or XML centralized catalog SYNOPSIS
install-catalog [ option ] action ... [ [ -d] [ --delegate] ] [ [ -a centralized ordinary] [ --add centralized ordinary] [ -r centralized ordinary] [ --remove centralized ordinary] [ -h] [ --help] [ -v] [ --version] ] DESCRIPTION
This shell script allows to handle a centralized catalog referencing other "ordinary" SGML or XML Open Catalogs. An Open Catalog contains a set of directives defined by OASIS, mostly used for defining equivalences between FPIs (Formal Public Identi- fiers) and real file names (see TR9401:1997 on <URL:>). The Open Catalogs usually reside in /usr/share/sgml. A centralized catalog is a special Open Catalog that includes only comments and CATALOG directives pointing to other catalogs (or DELEGATE directives if supported). The centralized catalog can be the key to all other SGML resources. It usually resides in /etc/sgml. The centralized catalog can be edited manually or through the install-catalog script to add or remove references to other ordinary cata- logs. This script is mainly destined to software package post-installation scripts. An example of a typical call to install-catalog is: install-catalog --add /usr/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl-stylesheets-1.54/catalog /etc/sgml/ This call will install in /etc/sgml/ a reference to /usr/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl-stylesheets-1.54/catalog. OPTIONS
Here is the list of options that can influence the way install-catalog works: [ [ -d] [ --delegate] ] Use DELEGATE instead of CATALOG directives to specify a pointer ACTIONS
Here is the list of actions that can be requested to install-catalog: [ [ -a centralized ordinary] [ --add centralized ordinary] ] Declare a new SGML package. [ [ -r centralized ordinary] [ --remove centralized ordinary] ] Remove a previously installed SGML package. [ [ -h] [ --help] ] Print a short help message and exit [ [ -v] [ --version] ] Print the version identifier and exit FILES
/etc/sgml/* The SGML centralized catalogs AUTHORS
Eric Bischoff <> Developper of install-catalog. SEE ALSO
jw(1) conversion from DocBook to other file formats nsgmls(1) a base component of Jade DSSSL engine <URL:> the home page of the DocBook tools, a compendium of all tools necessary to process DocBook files, including the SGML-common stuff. 04 August 2000 INSTALL-CATALOG(8)

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UPDATE-CATALOG(8)						      Debian							 UPDATE-CATALOG(8)

update-catalog - create or update entry in SGML catalog file SYNOPSIS
update-catalog [options] --add centralized_catalog ordinary_catalog update-catalog [options] --remove centralized_catalog ordinary_catalog update-catalog [options] --update-super DESCRIPTION
update-catalog inserts, updates or removes entries in the SGML centralized catalogs located in /etc/sgml. To change the SGML super catalog located in /etc/sgml/catalog modify the directory contents of /etc/sgml to contain new files or symbolic links having a .cat extension or remove (or move) existing centralized catalogs and regenerate the super catalog using the --update-super option. See section SUPER CATALOG for details on the generation process. OPTIONS
--add Adds an entry for the ordinary_catalog in the centralized_catalog. --remove Removes the entry for the ordinary_catalog from the centralized_catalog. --update-super Regenerates the SGML super catalog from the contents of the /etc/sgml directory. See section SUPER CATALOG for details on the super catalog generation. --quiet Prevents the usual diagnostic output. --test Prevents the update of the catalog and writes the resulting SGML catalog to standard output. --version Displays the version information and exits. --help Display the usage information and exits. SUPER CATALOG
The super-catalog located in /etc/sgml/catalog cannot be directly modified. It is generated by the update-catalog --update-super command. The generation considers files in the /etc/sgml directory that have a .cat extension. For instance files ending in .old or .disabled are not considered. Before adding a catalog to the super catalog it is parsed and verified in order to not corrupt the super catalog. All referenced catalogs are verified to actually exist. If the check fails, a message is printed and the complete catalog is ignored. This check ensures that a catalog from a package, which is removed but not purged, is removed from the super catalog. AUTHOR
Ardo van Rangelrooij <> COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2001-2004 Ardo van Rangelrooij Copyright (C) 2012 Helmut Grohne This is free software; see the GNU General Public Licence version 2 or later for copying conditions. There is no warranty. Debian Project June 2004 UPDATE-CATALOG(8)
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