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getkeycreatecon(3)		    SELinux API documentation		       getkeycreatecon(3)

       getkeycreatecon, setkeycreatecon - get or set the SELinux security context used for creat-
       ing a new kernel keyrings

       #include <selinux/selinux.h>

       int getkeycreatecon(security_context_t *con);

       int getkeycreatecon_raw(security_context_t *con);

       int setkeycreatecon(security_context_t context);

       int setkeycreatecon_raw(security_context_t context);

       getkeycreatecon() retrieves the context used for creating  a  new  kernel  keyring.   This
       returned context should be freed with freecon(3) if non-NULL.  getkeycreatecon() sets *con
       to NULL if no keycreate context has been explicitly set by the  program	(i.e.  using  the
       default policy behavior).

       setkeycreatecon()  sets	the  context used for creating a new kernel keyring.  NULL can be
       passed to setkeycreatecon() to reset to the default policy behavior.  The  keycreate  con-
       text is automatically reset after the next execve(2), so a program doesn't need to explic-
       itly sanitize it upon startup.

       setkeycreatecon() can be applied prior to library functions  that  internally  perform  an
       file creation, in order to set an file context on the objects.

       getkeycreatecon_raw()  and setkeycreatecon_raw() behave identically to their non-raw coun-
       terparts but do not perform context translation.

       Note: Signal handlers that perform a setkeycreatecon() must take care to save, reset,  and
       restore the keycreate context to avoid unexpected behavior.

       Note: Contexts are thread specific.

       On error -1 is returned.  On success 0 is returned.

       selinux(8), freecon(3), getcon(3), getexeccon(3)

dwalsh@redhat.com			 9 September 2008		       getkeycreatecon(3)
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