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sfcbrepos(1)									     sfcbrepos(1)

       sfcbrepos - Script to rebuild the Small-Footprint CIM Broker (sfcb) class repository

       sfcbrepos [options]

       sfcbrepos  rebuilds  the  sfcb class repository from the staging files. Rebuilding is done
       offline and the sfcb CIMOM must be restarted for changes to take effect.

       Supported command line options are:

       -c schemadir
	      Path to obtain the CIM Schema classes.  Default is /usr/share/mof/cim-current

       -s stagingdir
	      Path to sfcb staging area containing class MOFs and registration files  Default  is

       -r registrationdir
	      Path  to	the sfcb registration directory, containing the root of the class reposi-
	      tory directory tree.  Default is /var/lib/sfcb/registration

       -f     Force option. Without this option you will be prompted to confirm  creating  a  new
	      class repository (and delete the old one). Setting this option will rebuild the new
	      sfcb repository without prompting.

       -i     Do not migrate instances from previous repository

       -b backendopts
	      Set special backend options for sfcbmof.	Valid options are: P32 - compile for Pow-
	      erPC  target;  Q	- skip qualifiers in output file; q - skip Description, ValueMap,
	      and Values qualifiers in output file. Note: eliminating qualifiers will often  sig-
	      nificantly reduce the size of the class repository.

       -X platform
	      Alias of -b

       -h     Display usage information and exit.

	      CIM Schema

	      Contains registration data for all installed providers.

	      Contains registration data for all installed providers from previous time sfcbrepos
	      was run. This can be used to restore an earlier class repository in case	sfcbrepos
	      generates a corrupt one.

	      Contain class repository directory for all supported CIM namespaces.

	      Contain class repository directory for all supported CIM namespaces from the previ-
	      ous time sfcbrepos was run. This can be used to restore an earlier class repository
	      in case sfcbrepos generates a corrupt one.

	      Class data for a namespace.

	      Registration data for the default built-in sfcb internal providers.

	      Dummy  classes  used  to added CIM indication support to the default interop names-

	      Class definitions for all installed providers.

	      Registration info for all installed providers.

	      If set, the value of this variable  is  prepended  to  the  registration	directory
	      names.  This  can  be  useful to store the repository in a different location, i.e.
	      when cross-compiling providers.

       Requires libsfcBrokerCore.a

       Adrian Schuur <schuur@de.ibm.com>

       The SBLIM project maintains a mailing list  to  which  you  should  direct  all	questions
       regarding  sfcb, sfcc, wbemcli, or any of the SBLIM providers.  To subscribe to this mail-
       ing list visit


       The SBLIM Project Bug tracking page can be found at


       (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 2004, 2005, 2009

       The Small-Footprint CIM Broker (sfcb) is a part of the SBLIM  project.	The  most  recent
       version is available on the web at


       sfcbd(1), sfcbstage(1), sfcbunstage(1), getSchema(1)

sfcbrepos Version 1.3.16		   October 2009 			     sfcbrepos(1)

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