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rmcp_ping(1)			      IPMI RMCP Ping program			     rmcp_ping(1)

       rmcp_ping - IPMI RMCP Ping program

       rmcp_ping [-p port] [-t waittime] [-s starttag] [-d] destination

       The  rmcp_ping program sends an RMCP ping packet onces a second to the destination, print-
       ing unique responses it receives.

       -p port
	      Set the destination port.  This is the standard RMCP port by default, 623.

       -t waittime
	      Sets the number of seconds to wait for a response.  Ten by default.

       -s starttag
	      There is an 8-bit tag value in every ping packet (0-254,	255  is  reserved),  this
	      program  will  cycle  through  the  values  starting  at starttag.  This is zero by

       -d     Turns on debugging to standard output.

	      The target address, default is the broadcast address (default

       Corey Minyard <cminyard@mvista.org>

OpenIPMI				     02/24/06				     rmcp_ping(1)
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