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Locale::Po4a::Common(3)        User Contributed Perl Documentation	  Locale::Po4a::Common(3)

       Locale::Po4a::Common - common parts of the po4a scripts and utils

       Locale::Po4a::Common contains common parts of the po4a scripts and some useful functions
       used along the other modules.

       In order to use Locale::Po4a programatically, one may want to disable the use of
       Text::WrapI18N, by writing e.g.

	   use Locale::Po4a::Common qw(nowrapi18n);
	   use Locale::Po4a::Text;

       instead of:

	   use Locale::Po4a::Text;

       Ordering is important here: as most Locale::Po4a modules themselves load
       Locale::Po4a::Common, the first time this module is loaded determines whether
       Text::WrapI18N is used.

   Showing output messages
       o   show_version($)

	   Shows the current version of the script, and a short copyright message. It takes the
	   name of the script as an argument.

       o   wrap_msg($@)

	   This function displays a message the same way than sprintf() does, but wraps the
	   result so that they look nice on the terminal.

       o   wrap_mod($$@)

	   This function works like wrap_msg(), but it takes a module name as the first argument,
	   and leaves a space at the left of the message.

       o   wrap_ref_mod($$$@)

	   This function works like wrap_msg(), but it takes a file:line reference as the first
	   argument, a module name as the second one, and leaves a space at the left of the

   Wrappers for other modules
       o   Locale::Gettext

	   When the Locale::Gettext module cannot be loaded, this module provide dummy (empty)
	   implementation of the following functions. In that case, po4a messages won't get
	   translated but the program will continue to work.

	   If Locale::gettext is present, this wrapper also calls setlocale(LC_MESSAGES, "") so
	   callers don't depend on the POSIX module either.

	   o   bindtextdomain($$)

	   o   textdomain($)

	   o   gettext($)

	   o   dgettext($$)

	Jordi Vilalta <jvprat@gmail.com>

       Copyright 2005 by SPI, inc.

       This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of
       GPL (see the COPYING file).

perl v5.16.3				    2014-06-10			  Locale::Po4a::Common(3)
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