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BF_COMPACT(1)			   Bogofilter Reference Manual			    BF_COMPACT(1)

       bf_compact - shell script to compact a bogofilter directory

       bf_compact bogofilter_directory [wordlist_name...]

       bf_compact creates a more compact bogofilter working directory with a dump/load cycle and
       renames the previous bogofilter_directory to bogofilter_directory.old.

       Note: bf_compact cannot be used to process the current working directory, ".", because
       that cannot be renamed.

       If no wordlist_file arguments are given, then bf_compact will use the configured set of
       wordlists, if the given bogofilter_directory is the same as the configured, or use all
       *.db files if it is a different directory.

       The script exits with status code 0 if everything went well, and nonzero if it encountered

       This script will delete bogofilter_directory.old and all of its contents!

       This script expects a SUSv2 compliant shell. Solaris systems should have the SUNWxcu4
       package installed (when bogofilter is configured) so that /usr/xpg4/bin/sh can be used.

       Matthias Andree

Bogofilter				    10/22/2012				    BF_COMPACT(1)
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