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AMANDA-SCRIPTS(7)						    Miscellanea 						 AMANDA-SCRIPTS(7)

amanda-scripts - Configuring and using the Script API DESCRIPTION
The Script API is a flexible system for invoking user-supplied scripts at various points in the execution of Amanda. This manual page describes the operation and configuration of the API. For help writing Script API scripts, see SCRIPTS
This section lists the scripts included with Amanda, see the individual man page for instructions on using them. For complete How-To information, consult the Amanda wiki at o amzfs-snapshot(8), - create/destroy zfs snapshot. o script-email(8), - send email. Script properties work just like application properties: they are insensitive to case, and - (dash) and _ (underscore) may be used interchangeably. SCRIPTS OUTPUT PROPERTY
A pre-dle-amcheck, pre-dle-estimate or pre-dle-backup executed on the client can output property on stdout that are sent to the application. If the output line matches "PROPERTY str1 str2", Amanda sets a property called "str1" by the value of "str2", that property is sent to the application. SEE ALSO
amanda(8), amanda.conf(5) The Amanda Wiki: : AUTHORS
Jean-Louis Martineau <> Zmanda, Inc. ( Dustin J. Mitchell <> Zmanda, Inc. ( Amanda 3.3.3 01/10/2013 AMANDA-SCRIPTS(7)

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AMANDA-APPLICATIONS(7)						    Miscellanea 					    AMANDA-APPLICATIONS(7)

amanda-applications - Application-api for amanda DESCRIPTION
Describe how to use application with Amanda APPLICATIONS
This section lists the applications included with Amanda. See the individual man pages for instructions on using them. For complete How-To information, consult the Amanda wiki at o amgtar(8), - use GNU Tar to backup and restore data. o ampgsql(8), - use PostgreSQL's continuous WAL archiving. o amraw(8), - use open and read to read the data. o amsamba(8), - use smbclient to backup and restore data. o amstar(8), - use star to backup and restore data. o amsuntar(8), - use native tar on Solaris to backup and restore data. o amzfs-sendrecv(8), - use zfs to create a snapshot and use 'zfs send' to generate the backup. o amzfs-snapshot(8), - use zfs to create a snapshot and for use with other applications (e.g. amgtar) DEFINING APPLICATIONS
An application is defined in amanda.conf(5) as follows: define application-tool $appconfigname { plugin "$pluginname" property "$PROPERTY_NAME" "$PROPERTY_VALUE" ... } and then referenced in a dumptype as define dumptype $dumptypename { ... program "APPLICATION" application "$appconfigname" } Application properties, like Amanda configuration parameters, are insensitive to case, and - (dash) and _ (underscore) may be used interchangeably. See the individual plugin documentation for properties applicable to each plugin. SEE ALSO
amanda(8), amanda.conf(5) The Amanda Wiki: : AUTHORS
Jean-Louis Martineau <> Zmanda, Inc. ( Dustin J. Mitchell <> Zmanda, Inc. ( Amanda 3.3.1 02/21/2012 AMANDA-APPLICATIONS(7)
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