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CHEATMAKE(1)				 [FIXME: manual]			     CHEATMAKE(1)

       cheatmake - fool make into not rebuilding certain files

       cheatmake [hidechangefile] [show] [whyfile]

       cheatmake is used to save time when recompiling. It can fool make into skipping files that
       haven't changed in a meaningful way. This can be used for instance when you change a
       comment in a file but none of the actual code.

       This utility is part of the KDE Software Development Kit.

       hidechange file
	   Hides the fact that file was changed by setting the timestamp into the past. Use with

	   Lists what files make currently needs to rebuild

       why file
	   Explains why make must rebuild file

       One of the following variables (but not both) should be set if the source directory is
       different from the build directory. If the build directory is simply a subdirectory of the
       source directory, the simpler variable OBJ_SUBDIR should be used.

	   Indicates that the build directory is in the given subdirectory of the source
	   directory. For instance, if the source directory is kdesdk and the build directory is
	   kdesdk/obj-i386-linux, then OBJ_SUBDIR should be set to obj-i386-linux.

	   A sed expression that is used to transform the source directory into the build
	   directory. For instance, if the source directory is kdesdk/obj-i386-linux, then
	   OBJ_REPLACEMENT should be set to s#kdesdk#kdesdk-obj#.


       cheatmake was written by David Faure<faure@kde.org>. This manual page was prepared by Ben
       Burton<bab@debian.org> for the Debian GNU/Linux(R) system (but may be used by others).

[FIXME: source] 			  March 8, 2003 			     CHEATMAKE(1)
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