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CentOS 7.0 - man page for in.authd (centos section 1)

IN.AUTHD(1)							   User Commands						       IN.AUTHD(1)

in.authd - manual page for in.authd authd-1.4.3:
in.authd [options]... [request]... -d Output debug messages -E[cipher] Encrypt username using [AES-128-CBC] -e Send UNKNOWN-ERROR for common error messages -l[mask] Log to syslog, [mask] for priority levels -m[reps] Allow at most [unlimited] requests/connection -N[basename] Hide users with ~/[.noident] file -n Send uid number instead of username -o Send OTHER instead of the operating system -t[secs] Timeout request after [60] seconds -V Print program and version information --abrupt Disconnect without displaying error msgs --codeset=rfc1340 Send [charset] if reply is not ASCII --fn[=fields] Use [all] gecos fields instead of username --hybrid Use hybrid notation (ex. :: for IPv6 --ident[=basename] Hide users with no ~/[.ident] --lang=lc Localize messages, charsets, & time to [locale] --mapped=ipv6 Map addresses with same top 96 bits to IPv4 --os[=rfc1340] Use [uname], not UNIX, as OS name --passwd=pathname Use line 1 of [/etc/ident.key] for crypto --resolve Use host and service names if available --username[=login] Use [nobody] as username --verbose Add real uid, addresses/ports, & timestamps --xerror Send more helpful error messages for rare errors $Revision: 1.18 $ $Date: 2004/07/28 16:04:05 $ in.authd authd-1.4.3: June 2014 IN.AUTHD(1)