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libssh2_channel_write(3) [centos man page]

libssh2_channel_write(3)					  libssh2 manual					  libssh2_channel_write(3)

libssh2_channel_write - convenience macro for libssh2_channel_write_ex(3) SYNOPSIS
#include <libssh2.h> ssize_t libssh2_channel_write(LIBSSH2_CHANNEL *channel, const char *buf, size_t buflen); DESCRIPTION
This is a macro defined in a public libssh2 header file that is using the underlying function libssh2_channel_write_ex(3). RETURN VALUE
See libssh2_channel_write_ex(3) ERRORS
See libssh2_channel_write_ex(3) SEE ALSO
libssh2_channel_write_ex(3) libssh2 1.2.4 20 Feb 2010 libssh2_channel_write(3)

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