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SFINFO(1)																 SFINFO(1)

sfinfo - display information about audio files SYNOPSIS
sfinfo [options] audio files... DESCRIPTION
sfinfo prints information about the specified audio files, including file format, sample rate, duration, and audio data format. By default sfinfo displays information in a longer, multi-line format; specifying the --short or -s option produces a short, single-line summary. Any files which are not recognized as valid audio files will be ignored unless the --reporterror or -r option is given. The file formats currently supported by sfinfo are AIFF, AIFF-C, NeXT/Sun .snd/.au, WAVE, Berkeley/IRCAM/CARL Sound File, AVR, Amiga IFF/8SVX, Sample Vision, Creative Voice File, NIST SPHERE, and Core Audio Format. OPTIONS
--short, -s Print short single-line summary of each recognized audio file. --reporterror, -r Print an error message if any of the specified files are not recognized as valid audio files. --help, -h Print help message. --version, -v Print version information. EXAMPLES
Display summary of an audio file: % sfinfo drum.aiff File Name drum.aiff File Format Audio Interchange File Format (aiff) Data Format 16-bit integer (2's complement, big endian) Audio Data 1569972 bytes begins at offset 54 (36 hex) 2 channels, 392493 frames Sampling Rate 44100.00 Hz Duration 8.900 seconds List all recognized audio files in the current directory using the short output format: % sfinfo -s * 9.60s 44100.00 aiff 1ch 16b -- bass.aiff 8.90s 44100.00 aiff 2ch 16b -- drum.aiff SEE ALSO
sfconvert(1) AUTHOR
Michael Pruett <> Audio File Library 0.3.6 03/06/2013 SFINFO(1)

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afGetFrameCount, afGetTrackBytes, afGetDataOffset - get the total sample frame count, length of audio track in bytes, offset of the audio track for a track in an audio file SYNOPSIS
#include <audiofile.h> AFframecount afGetFrameCount (AFfilehandle file, int track); AFfileoffset afGetTrackBytes (AFfilehandle file, int track); AFfileoffset afGetDataOffset (AFfilehandle file, int track); PARAMETERS
file is an audio file handle created by a previous call to afOpenFile(3). track is an integer which specifies an audio track within file. All supported file formats contain exactly one audio track per file, so the constant AF_DEFAULT_TRACK should always be used. DESCRIPTION
afGetFrameCount returns the total number of sample frames contained within the specified track of the specified file. Each sample frame of audio consists of a fixed number of samples (equal to the number of audio channels in the track. For monaural data, a sample frame consists of one audio sample. For stereophonic data, a sample frame consists of a stereo pair. afGetTrackBytes returns the total number of bytes of raw audio data (i.e., prior to decompression or conversion) in the track. afGetDataOffset returns the offset in bytes of the start of the audio data contained within the specified track of the specified file. RETURN VALUE
afGetFrameCount returns the total number of sample frames in track. afGetTrackBytes returns the total number of bytes of audio data in track. afGetDataOffset returns the offset in bytes to the beginning of the audio data in track. Each of these routines returns -1 in case of error. AUTHOR
Michael Pruett <> Audio File Library 0.3.6 03/06/2013 AFGETFRAMECOUNT(3)
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