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SFINFO(1)										SFINFO(1)

       sfinfo - display information about audio files

       sfinfo [options] audio files...

       sfinfo prints information about the specified audio files, including file format, sample
       rate, duration, and audio data format.

       By default sfinfo displays information in a longer, multi-line format; specifying the
       --short or -s option produces a short, single-line summary.

       Any files which are not recognized as valid audio files will be ignored unless the
       --reporterror or -r option is given. The file formats currently supported by sfinfo are
       AIFF, AIFF-C, NeXT/Sun .snd/.au, WAVE, Berkeley/IRCAM/CARL Sound File, AVR, Amiga
       IFF/8SVX, Sample Vision, Creative Voice File, NIST SPHERE, and Core Audio Format.

       --short, -s
	   Print short single-line summary of each recognized audio file.

       --reporterror, -r
	   Print an error message if any of the specified files are not recognized as valid audio

       --help, -h
	   Print help message.

       --version, -v
	   Print version information.

       Display summary of an audio file:

	   % sfinfo drum.aiff
	   File Name	  drum.aiff
	   File Format	  Audio Interchange File Format (aiff)
	   Data Format	  16-bit integer (2's complement, big endian)
	   Audio Data	  1569972 bytes begins at offset 54 (36 hex)
			  2 channels, 392493 frames
	   Sampling Rate  44100.00 Hz
	   Duration	  8.900 seconds

       List all recognized audio files in the current directory using the short output format:

	   % sfinfo -s *
	       9.60s 44100.00 aiff  1ch 16b -- bass.aiff
	       8.90s 44100.00 aiff  2ch 16b -- drum.aiff


       Michael Pruett <michael@68k.org>

Audio File Library 0.3.6		    03/06/2013					SFINFO(1)
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