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ipa-server-certinstall(1)		 IPA Manual Pages		ipa-server-certinstall(1)

       ipa-server-certinstall - Install new SSL server certificates

       ipa-server-certinstall [OPTION]... PKCS12_FILE

       Replace the current SSL Directory and/or Apache server certificate(s) with the certificate
       in the PKCS#12 file.

       PKCS#12 is a file format used to safely transport SSL certificates and public/private key-

       They  may  be  generated  and managed using the NSS pk12util command or the OpenSSL pkcs12

       The service(s) are not automatically restarted. In order to use the newly  installed  cer-
       tificate(s) you will need to manually restart the Directory and/or Apache servers.

       -d, --dirsrv
	      Install the certificate on the Directory Server

       -w, --http
	      Install the certificate in the Apache Web Server

	      The password of the PKCS#12 file

	      Directory Manager password

       0 if the installation was successful

       1 if an error occurred

IPA					   Mar 14 2008			ipa-server-certinstall(1)
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