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CentOS 7.0 - man page for pbm2ppa (centos section 1)

pnm2ppa(5 Feb 2000)													       pnm2ppa(5 Feb 2000)

pbm2ppa - convert portable bitmap (PBM) to HP's Printing Performance Architecture (PPA) file format
pbm2ppa [options] [ <infile] > [ <outfile]> ] ]
Reads portable bitmap (PBM) format as input. Outputs a stream suitable for processing by Hewlett-Packard's range of Printing Performance Architecture (PPA) printers. pnm2ppa supports the HP 710c, 712c, 720c, 722c, 820c, and 1000c series printers. (Portable bitmap (PBM) format output can be produced from PostScript(tm) input by the GhostScript driver "pbmraw".)
infile Input file infile is either a path to a file or device, or '-' to indicate stdin (defaults to stdin) outfile Output file outfile is either a path to a file or device, or '-' to indicate stdout (defaults to stdout) -b bottommargin Sets the bottom margin bottommargin in units of 1/600 inches (e.g., -b 150 = 0.25") -d Displays the current configuration -f configfile Overrides reading the configuration from /etc/pnm2ppa.conf, and uses configfile instead. -h Displays program usage -l leftmargin Sets the left margin leftmargin in units of 1/600 inches (e.g., -l 150 = 0.25") -r rightmargin Sets the right margin rightmargin in units of 1/600 inches (e.g., -r 150 = 0.25") -s papersize Sets the paper size. Possible values for papersize are a4 (A4), letter or us (US Letter, 8.5"x11"), and legal (US Legal, 8.5"x14"). The default is US Letter. -t topmargin Sets the top margin topmargin in units of 1/600 inches (ie -t 150 = 0.25") -v printertype Selects the printer model. Possible values of printertype are: 710, 712, 720, 722, 820 and 1000. The default is the HP DeskJet 7X0 Series (710, 712, 720, 722). -x xoffset Sets the x-offset xoffset from the left of the page. Units are 1/600 inches -y yoffset Sets the y-offset yoffset from the top of the page. Units are 1/600 inches
The configuration file is read in first. Command line arguments then modify the resulting definitions. The -x and -y options accumulate. The -v option resets all definitions back to an inbuilt default for that printer and should be used before subsequent -b -l -r, -t, -x, and -y arguments.
/etc/pbm2ppa.conf Default configuration file
This code is licensed under the GNU Public License version 2. See LICENSE for details. (c) 1998 Tim Norman
This program was written by Tim Norman. It originally supported black and white output on the 820 series. This program is almost obsolete; its successor pnm2ppa will support color printing.
This is a stable driver, but does not support color printing. pnm2ppa(5 Feb 2000)