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EXCHANGE2ICAL(1)		     OpenChange Users' Manual			 EXCHANGE2ICAL(1)

       exchange2ical - Convert Exchange calendar to ical file

       exchange2ical [-?V] [-?|--help] [--usage] [-f|--database=STRING] [-p|--profile=STRING]
	    [-P|--password=STRING] [-i|--icalsync=STRING] [-o|--filename=STRING] [-R|--range=STRING]
	       [-d|--debuglevel=STRING] [--dump-data] [-V|--version]

       exchange2ical  provides	a  way to extract appointments from an Exchange calendar into the
       ical format. The ical is provided on stdout by default if the filename is not specified.


       -f     Set the path to the profile database to use


       -p     Set the profile to use. If no profile is specified, exchange2ical tries to retrieve
	      the  default  profile  in  the  database.  If  no  default  profile  has	been set,
	      exchange2ical returns MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND .


       -P     Specify the password for the profile to use. This can be omitted if the password is
	      stored in the profile.


       -i     Specify an icalendar file to be used to sync back to exchange.


       -o     Specify  the  filename  for the icalendar output.  The specified file will be over-
	      written with the new icalendar. If this is omitted, stdout will be used by default.


       -r     Specify the range of exchange appointments to be converted into an  icalendar.   If
	      there  are  no  events, whos start date is within the specified range, an icalendar
	      with no vevents will be returned.  Format: MM/DD/YYYY-MM/DD/YYYY

	      Dump the hex data. This is only required for debugging or educational purposes.


       -d     Set the debug level.

       Extract appointments from the Exchange calendar:
       exchange2ical > appointments.ical
       Extract appointments from the Exchange calendar to a specified path
       exchange2ical --filename=/path/to/file.ics
       Extract only appointments which begin from June 25 2008 to July 26 2009
       exchange2ical --range=06/25/2008-07/26/2009

       If you are using the default profile database path and have set a default  profile  (using
       mapiprofile --profile=profile_name -S ) you do not need to specify these parameters on the
       command line.

       exchange2ical was written by Julien Kerihuel <j.kerihuel at openchange dot org>

       This man page was written by Brad Hards <bradh at openchange dot org>

OpenChange 2.0 QUADRANT 		    2013-01-24				 EXCHANGE2ICAL(1)
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