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AST(3)											   AST(3)

       expr - c-like expression library

       #include <graphviz/expr.h>

       Expr_t*		exopen(Exdisc_t*);
       Excc_t*		exccopen(Expr_t*, Exccdisc_t*);
       int		excc(Excc_t*, const char*, Exid_t*, int);
       int		exccclose(Excc_t*);
       void		exclose(Expr_t*, int);
       char*		excontext(Expr_t*, char*, int);
       void		exerror(const char*, ...);
       Extype_t 	exeval(Expr_t*, Exnode_t*, void*);
       Exnode_t*	exexpr(Expr_t*, const char*, Exid_t*, int);

       Exnode_t*	excast(Expr_t*, Exnode_t*, int, Exnode_t*, int);
       Exnode_t*	exnewnode(Expr_t*, int, int, int, Exnode_t*, Exnode_t*);
       void		exfreenode(Expr_t*, Exnode_t*);
       int		expush(Expr_t*, const char*, int, const char*, Sfio_t*);
       int		expop(Expr_t*);
       int		excomp(Expr_t*, const char*, int, const char*, Sfio_t*);
       int		exrewind(Expr_t*);
       void		exstatement(Expr_t*);
       int		extoken(Expr_t*);
       char*		extype(int);
       Extype_t 	exzero(int);

       exopen() is the first function called.  exclose() is the last function called.  exccopen()
       is the called if code generation will be used.  exccclose() releases the state information
       allocated  in  exccopen().   exstatement()  saves statement start information.  exrewind()
       restores statement start information saved by exstatement().

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