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XmIconBoxIsCellEmpty(library call)			       XmIconBoxIsCellEmpty(library call)

       XmIconBoxIsCellEmpty -- A function that determines whether a cell in the IconBox is empty

       #include <Xm/IconBox.h>
       Boolean	 XmIconBoxIsCellEmpty(
       Position  cell_x,
       Position  cell_y,
       Widget	 ignore);

       XmIconBoxIsCellEmpty returns True if specified cell contains no child and False otherwise.

       widget	 Specifies the IconBox widget ID

       cell_x	 Specifies the X location of the cell to check

       cell_y	 Specifies the Y location of the cell to check

       ignore	 If  the  widget ID specified by ignore is present in the specified cell, it will
		 be ignored and the function will return True

       Returns True if the specified cell contains no child, and False otherwide.


							       XmIconBoxIsCellEmpty(library call)
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