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CGI::Session::Test::Default(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation CGI::Session::Test::Default(3)

       Run a suite of tests for a given CGI::Session::Driver

	   my $t = CGI::Session::Test::Default->new(
	       # These are all optional, with default as follows
	       dsn   => "driver:file",
	       args  => undef,
	       tests => 77,

       Create a new test object, possibly overriding some defaults.

	   my $new_num = $t->number_of_tests($new_num);

       A setter/accessor method to affect the number of tests to run, after "new()" has been
       called and before "run()".


       Run the test suite. See "new()" for setting related options.

perl v5.16.3				    2008-07-16		   CGI::Session::Test::Default(3)
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