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kpsetool(1)				      teTeX				      kpsetool(1)

       kpsetool - script to make teTeX-style kpsetool, kpsexpand, and kpsepath available

       kpsetool  [ OPTIONS... ] COMMAND

       kpsexpand [ OPTIONS... ] STRING

       kpsepath  [ OPTIONS... ] PATHTYPE

       kpsetool  is  a	Bourne	shell  script  that  makes a teTeX-style kpsetool, kpsexpand, and
       kpsepath available.  kpsetool uses web2c's (new)  kpsexpand  binary,  so  the  syntax  for
       kpsexpand is incompatible with teTeX's as of version 0.4.

       -m mode
	      set Metafont mode

       -n progname
	      pretend to be progname to kpathsea

       -p     act like kpsepath(1)

       -v     act like kpsexpand(1)

       -w     act like kpsewhich(1)

       PATHTYPE can be

       base   Metafont memory dump

       bib    BibTeX bibliography source

       bst    BibTeX style files

       cnf    Kpathsea runtime configuration files

	      dvips config files

	      dvips header files

       fmt    TeX memory dump

       gf     generic font bitmap

       mem    MetaPost memory dump

       mf     Metafont source

       mfpool Metafont program strings

       mp     MetaPost source

       mppool MetaPost program strings

	      MetaPost support files

       pict   Other kinds of figures

       pk     packed bitmap font

       tex    TeX source

	      TeX program strings

       tfm    TeX font metrics

	      troff fonts

       vf     virtual font


       Kpathsea: A library for path searching (info or DVI file)

       Web page: <http://tug.org/teTeX/>

       None known, but report any bugs found to <tetex@dbs.uni-hannover.de> (mailing list).

       kpsetool was written by Thomas Esser <te@dbs.uni-hannover.de> in March, 1997.  kpsetool is
       in the public domain.

       This manual page was written by C.M. Connelly <c@eskimo.com>,  for  the	Debian	GNU/Linux
       system.	 It  may  be used by other distributions without contacting the author.  Any mis-
       takes or omissions in the manual page are my fault; inquiries about or corrections to this
       manual page should be directed to me (and not to the primary author).

teTeX					  September 2000			      kpsetool(1)
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